Вчера вышла новая версия программы irshell 3.9. Об этом нам сообщает psp hacks.
- Поддержка обеих моделей psp(slim, fat)
- Мультизадачность, прослушивание mp3 во время игры
- Поддерживаются только: 3.80M33-2, M33-4 & M33-5.

Кто хорошо разбирается в английском, оригинальный текст прилагается ниже. При желании, можно перевести на русский язык.

All good things must come to an end… Ahman, developer of iR Shell — probably the best homebrew to ever exist for the PSP — has waved goodbye leaving behind one final release.

iR Shell is literally packed with a remarkable feature set for both Slim and Fat models — listen to MP3’s while in-game, multi-task between UMD/ISO/homebrew and any of iR Shell’s built-in functions, enjoy 2 player PSOne games wirelessly with another PSP, etc… The fun never stops!

If you’re a newcomer, I suggest you download and open the included PDF-formatted user guide to get started. You won’t be disappointed.

New iR Shell 3.9 features:
   -Added support for 3.80M33-2, M33-4 & M33-5. Pls note M33-1 & M33-3 are not supported due to some technical issues which I’m lazy to resolve.
   -Added support for 3.80 Popsloader Version 2. Version 1 isn’t supported.
   -The 1.5 Kernel Addon for 3.71M33 & 3.80M33 has caused some incompatibility issues with fw 1.5 iR Shell. This is now resolved.
   -Enhance PSP ISO compatability. Previously failed ISOs will probably work in this release.
   -For slim only, the nethostfs MAX mode is now compatible with WPA.
   -Some older firmware supports have been removed to reduce the distribution archive. This version has support for fw 1.5, 3.10 to 3.80. Also, directories EXTAPP15 & EXTAPP3X have been combined into a single EXTAPP to save space. Each APP# directory has 2 EBOOTs, with EBOOT.PBP for fw 3.x and EBOOT15.PBP for fw 1.5.